Luxury Sea Boats is an exclusive dealer for yachts and boats in the Middle East Region

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Pure luxury, real pleasure, the ultimate extravagance. Your yachting experience should be perfect in every detail, worry free and full of bliss. Luxury Sea Boats provides sales, charter, management and other services to handle all aspects of your yachting experience.

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Nautique Boats

The Best Wave & Ride From World Championship Wakesurfing & Wakeboarding Boats

Centurion Boats

Discerning buyers know premium when they see it, not because someone tells them. Be discerning. Compare Centurion to other boats in the same category. Once you define your priorities, we can match you to the perfect boat.

Supreme Boats

The strength of Supreme Boats is unmatched by any other boat company. Wherever you go out on the water, you will want a boat that confidently expresses you are. We are a leading manufacturer of wakesurf and wakeboard boats. With the option to fully customize your towboat, we’re confident you will find the perfect boat to match any wakesurf or wakeboarding style. Browse through our current lineup too see why we are the most valuable towboat on the market!

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